Deluxe Locking Anal Plug


The Deluxe Locking Anal Butt Plug is a one of a kind sex toy made for extreme pleasure. It is ideal for those who want their anal toys to be intense and fully satisfying. Simply insert the plug, pull back the stopper, insert the pin and lock it in place for the most enjoyable experience imaginable!

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Similar to our Ultimate Ass Lock, the Deluxe Locking Anal Plug allows you to control the size of the spread. Most anal locks have only two settings closed and WHOAH!!! With this clever torture device you can slowly build up to the right amount of spread as you use the included stainless steel key to your desired size. This key fits on the end of the locking anal plug and becomes a cranking handle which turns the internal screw. This raises or lowers the centre ball to gently spread the petals of this modern day pear of anguish. Once it’s open to a wide enough position, it should be impossible to remove. To keep the Deluxe Locking Anal Plug open to your desired diameter, insert the locking pin to block access to the internal screw and lock it in place with the included padlock. Now there’s no escape! Perfect for anal chastity or for anal stretching the Deluxe Locking Anal Plug is an exquisite addition to any anal fan’s collection.


Overall length: 138 mm (5 ½ “)
Insertable length: 108 mm
Ball Diameter: 30 mm (1 1/5 “)
Buttplug diameter: 32 mm - 40 mm (1 1/5 – 1 ½ “)
End plate: 90 mm x 40 mm (3 ½ - 1 ½ “)
Maximum diameter (when open): 85 mm (3 1/3 “)
Weight: 500 grams
Material: stainless steel and aluminium

Grayson on Sep 03, 2021

Was not very easy to open when inserted even after washing lube from hands, so like another reviewer I used an 8mm socket and driver to open and close it It was purchased on behalf of somebody else who seemed very pleased with it

Jenson on Feb 19, 2021

Great quality, solid and very heavy. Perfect for what I wanted.

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