Lollipop Insertable


Lollipop insertable is a smooth, durable anal toy made for sensual experience. The huge, spherical head provides the most intense sensation imaginable.

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This piece will surly bring you pleasure as lollipops are known to do. This insertable is made of Surgical Steel and it has an eyelet on the bottom so you won't lose your lollipop. This toy will last you a lifetime because of it being made of Surgical Steel and the great craftsmanship.

The base is 34mm in diameter and 5mm thick. The Lollipop itself is a 32mm ball on the end of a 35mm shaft of pure pleasure. It weighs about 7 ounces.

Nick on Aug 24, 2021

This was my first ever stainless steel toy and I wasn't so sure but hot damn it is awesome. Love that I can wear it all day and when I move a certain way or change my seat position it does its job. I also love to have my BF wiggling it inside of me when I am about to cum....WOW! Now I want more like this!

Elliot on Feb 25, 2021

This is easily one of my favorite steel toys. Weight is perfect and once in place, it rests securely, allowing me to walk around with it. I usually keep it in for several enjoyable hours. Just clench and it gives your prostate a stroke of love. Needless to say, the resulting orgasm is intense.

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