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The P Spot Simulator is a sturdy anal toy made for intense pleasure. It is specially designed for deep prostate massage. The head of the toy is made to pinpoint all the nerve endings and give you an intense orgasm.

The P Spot Stimulator is a powerful metal toy made for targeted prostate stimulation. The P spot is the most sensitive anal spot in a man’s body, and it requires precise massage with comfortable yet intense pressure. The P Spot Stimulator is made to provide all of that.

This toy is made of medical grade 316L Surgical Steel. Its head will hit all the nerve endings and provide intense and pleasurable prostate massage. The head is about ¾: and going to 1” at the largest section.

The overall length of the toy is about 4 3/8”. It includes a handle so you can easily twist and turn the massager until it hits all the sweet spots. This a P spot massager you really want to try!

Michael on Aug 30, 2021

I have an older silicone prostrate dildo that was more painful than pleasurable. The first time I used my new P Spot Stimulator, I had a wonderful experience!!! It is really one of the best and it works better if you are standing. The best and no after sting. I can use this over and over an not have any irritation!!!

Ben on May 13, 2021

I have used a LOT of toys in my life. This is the first one that has EVER made me ejaculate with out touching my Penis! The weight, he curve, the nub at the end, the directions you can move it into, the ridges, all work together to give a complete milking of the prostrate! Highly recommend this wonderful piece of art!

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