Big Ball Chunk Ring


With the Big Ballin Chunk Ring you'll catch all the attention you want, and even find yourself admiring this little beauty! And this Ball Screws in it is not a Captive ball that you have to fumble with or worry about popping out. Perfect for those piercings that require a little more weight for stretching or amazing sensations, while still having an amazing mirror polish appearance!

Get the new and improved Big Ballin Chunk Ring and let the adventurer in you out to play! This piece is not only Beautiful but also functional, as it can help when trying to stretch a piercing. It comes in Eight sizes
8 gauge - (3.2 mm)
4 gauge - (5   mm)
6 gauge - (4  mm)
2 gauge - (6  mm)
1 gauge - (7  mm)
0 gauge    -  (8  mm)
3/8'' gauge - (9  mm)
00 gauge -    (10 mm)

All with a 25.4mm (1" Ball) and internal diameter 3/4'' - (19 mm)

These rings are ideal for sensitive piercings and provide intense sensations and pleasure. Beautifully hand crafted for a striking visual effect, it is in fact the perfect ring if you want something unique!

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