Trojan Rubber Ball & Socket Easy Ring


The Trojan Rubber Ball & Socket Easy Ring is a fantastic piece of workmanship, and so easy to use. We use a Safe Nitrate Rubber Ball that just pops in and out when ever you want it to, but not before of course. Perfect for those larger gauge piercings that used to require pliers and sometimes more strength than you can muster. Plus you'll be the envy of all your friends with this mirror polished eye catcher as well!

This gorgeous piece of jewelry will be your easiest piece of jewelry, no pliers required the rubber ball simply pops into place and stays there. Made out of 316L Solid Surgical Steel with a Nitrate Rubber Ball, this will be one of your favorite pieces of jewelry.

It is not only a spectacular looking piece with the mirror finish, but can be so easily removed and put on that it is amazing that no one thought of this before.

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