Black Leather Stallion Guard Cage 1 RING


The Stallion Guard is an inexpensive, yet effective device. The leather cock cage is designed to confine the penis within a locking steel cage and prevents erections by creating pressure on the enlarging cock.

Engage in some harrowing horseplay, with the Black Leather Stallion Guard Cage 1 RING!
Have your playmate don this deviant device, then tease and turn them on before saying “whoaaaaa, boy!” They’ll certainly rein in any bad behaviour when you have complete control of their cock. Want them begging at your feet for sweet release? This chastity device keeps everything on lock down for your pleasure only!
This leather and stainless-steel penile prison is inescapable, especially with the padlock holding everything where it belongs, so you can rest assured you are the only one with an all-access pass to their best bits. This clever cock cage boasts an extremely open design, which means you can enjoy those tantalising tease and denial games until your heart’s content. We guarantee they’ll be a glutton for punishment and keep on coming back for more! And, trust us, gratification will be that much more intense when kinky Keyholders allow it. This magnificent male chastity device can even be worn to fetish or BDSM parties.
Ergonomically designed, the UberKinky Black Leather Stallion Guard Cage with ring is easy to put on and features a fully adjustable cock ring at the base for a customised fit. The stainless-steel cage is 5cm (2 inches) long, with an insertable length of 11.5cm (4.53 inches). At the tip there is a ring with an inner diameter of 3cm and one at the base with a 4cm inner diameter. The stainless-steel cage is attached to a leather cock ring via three leather straps, which boast stunning stud detail for a beautiful BDSM look.
So, you’ve heard it from the horse’s mouth; this is one cock cage that’s hard to beat!

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