Hegar 8 Inch Urethral Sounds and Dilators


The Hegar Urethral Sounds Kit is a complete collection of premium urethral sounds made in virtually all the sizes you will want. The best thing about these sounds is that each sound has a different size on each side

The urethra is the tube that urine flows out of from your bladder. If you have trouble passing urine then it could be due to a blockage in your urethra, called a stricture. As well as trouble passing urine a stricture can cause;

  • Spraying of urine or a double stream may occur.
  • Dribbling of urine for a while after going to the toilet to pass urine.
  • Frequency sometimes occurs (needing to pass urine more often than normal).
  • Urine infections.
  • You may have a reduced force of ejaculation.
  • Sometimes, pain on passing urine

To treat a stricture, thin rods of increasing thickness are gently inserted to gradually dilate the narrowed stricture. The aim is to gradually stretch and widen the stricture without causing additional scarring. However, a stricture often tends gradually to narrow again after each dilation. Therefore, a repeat dilation is commonly needed every so often when symptoms recur.
The Hegar Urethral Sound Kit comes with 8 hollow body friendly stainless-steel sounds that gradually increase in width of the urethra. The small, gradual increments in width make the treatment as painless as possible. The stainless-steel is ultra-smooth so we used with lubricant causing next to zero friction for the most comfortable treatment.
The great thing about this set is that the sounds are slightly larger on one end than on the other. This means that you get a total of 16 graduated sizes in 8 sounds from 3.5mm to 18mm

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