Vibrating Urethral Stepper


Step up your game with the Vibrating Urethral Stepper! This piece will bring you one intense orgasm after another like you've never felt before. Not only do you get the stretching sensations, but also the vibrations that will make your day time after time!

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The Vibrating Urethral Stepper will step up your sexual pleasure to the next level. This piece will take you step by step from good to great and make you cum at every level! This piece is made out of 316LVM Surgical Steel and is approximately 8 inches long and goes from 4mms to 14mms wide. Let the intense vibrations bring you even more pleasure than the original Stepper Urethral Stretcher does. Guaranteed to bring you back for more you will love this piece! Requires 1-AAA Battery ( Not Included )

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