Donut Ball Stretcher Weight


These 2 piece Surgical Steel Donut Ball Stretcher Weights are made exclusively for comfort and are the Worlds Most Comfortable Ball Weight.Being Donut shaped it contours smoothly with your body, yet they are still stackable if you like to stack them.

They are either 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 or 80 mm tall depending on your choice, and are now available in several different inside diameters for a perfect fit.


Ball Stretcher Weights are designed for male scrotum stretching, or for temporary sensations. The weight collar is worn directly above the testicles. With the two piece design they are easy to use because you just screw the 2 halves together.

These 2 piece Surgical Steel Donut Ball Weights are made exclusively for comfort and is the Worlds Most Comfortable Ball Weight. Being Donut shaped it contours smoothly with your body, yet they are still stackable if you like to stack them. They are either 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 or 80 mm tall depending on your choice, and are now available in several different inside diameters for a comfortable fit

Made of a highly polished 316LVM Medical Grade Surgical Steel which looks really awesome.

Height      x          Inside Diameter                     Approx.  Weight
20 mm Tall x    26 mm inside diameter                260 Grams
20 mm Tall x    28 mm inside diameter                265 Grams
20 mm Tall x    30 mm inside diameter                272 Grams
20 mm Tall x    32 mm inside diameter                292 Grams
20 mm Tall x    34 mm inside diameter                303 Grams
20 mm Tall x    36 mm inside diameter                318 Grams
20 mm Tall x    38 mm inside diameter                329 Grams
20 mm Tall x    40 mm inside diameter                346 Grams
20 mm Tall x    42 mm inside diameter                365 Grams

30 mm Tall x    26 mm inside diameter                411 Grams
30 mm Tall x    28 mm inside diameter                419 Grams
30 mm Tall x    30 mm inside diameter                430 Grams
30 mm Tall x    32 mm inside diameter                459 Grams
30 mm Tall x    34 mm inside diameter                476 Grams
30 mm Tall x    36 mm inside diameter                498 Grams
30 mm Tall x    38 mm inside diameter                522 Grams
30 mm Tall x    40 mm inside diameter                535 Grams
30 mm Tall x    42 mm inside diameter                565 Grams

40 mm Tall x    26 mm inside diameter                 568 Grams
40 mm Tall x    28 mm inside diameter                 578 Grams
40 mm Tall x    30 mm inside diameter                 596 Grams
40 mm Tall x    32 mm inside diameter                 625 Grams
40 mm Tall x    34 mm inside diameter                 651 Grams
40 mm Tall x    36 mm inside diameter                 671 Grams
40 mm Tall x    38 mm inside diameter                 697 Grams
40 mm Tall x    40 mm inside diameter                 714 Grams
40 mm Tall x    42 mm inside diameter                 740 Grams

50 mm Tall x    26 mm inside diameter                 722 Grams
50 mm Tall x    28 mm inside diameter                 765 Grams
50 mm Tall x    30 mm inside diameter                 793 Grams
50 mm Tall x    32 mm inside diameter                 822 Grams
50 mm Tall x    34 mm inside diameter                 850 Grams
50 mm Tall x    36 mm inside diameter                 907 Grams
50 mm Tall x    38 mm inside diameter                 935 Grams
50 mm Tall x    40 mm inside diameter                 966 Grams
50 mm Tall x    42 mm inside diameter                 995 Grams

60 mm Tall x    26 mm inside diameter                889 Grams
60 mm Tall x    28 mm inside diameter                907 Grams
60 mm Tall x    30 mm inside diameter                935 Grams
60 mm Tall x    32 mm inside diameter                992 Grams
60 mm Tall x    34 mm inside diameter                1020 Grams
60 mm Tall x    36 mm inside diameter                1077 Grams
60 mm Tall x    38 mm inside diameter                1133Grams
60 mm Tall x    40 mm inside diameter                1162 Grams
60 mm Tall x    42 mm inside diameter                1190 Grams

70 mm Tall x    26 mm inside diameter                1009 Grams
70 mm Tall x    28 mm inside diameter                1051 Grams
70 mm Tall x    30 mm inside diameter                1097 Grams
70 mm Tall x    32 mm inside diameter                1156 Grams
70 mm Tall x    34 mm inside diameter                1207 Grams
70 mm Tall x    36 mm inside diameter                1261 Grams
70 mm Tall x    38 mm inside diameter                1284 Grams
70 mm Tall x    40 mm inside diameter                1357 Grams

80 mm Tall x    26 mm inside diameter                1142 Grams
80 mm Tall x    28 mm inside diameter                1199 Grams
80 mm Tall x    30 mm inside diameter                1264 Grams
80 mm Tall x    32 mm inside diameter                1318 Grams
80 mm Tall x    34 mm inside diameter                1383 Grams
80 mm Tall x    36 mm inside diameter                1437 Grams
80 mm Tall x    38 mm inside diameter                1468 Grams
80 mm Tall x    40 mm inside diameter                1536 Grams

Donut Ball weight Height

20 mm Tall, 30 mm Tall, 40 mm Tall, 50 mm Tall, 60 mm Tall, 70 mm Tall, 80 mm Tall

Donut Ball Weight id

26 mm inside diameter, 28 mm inside diameter, 30 mm inside diameter, 32 mm inside diameter, 34 mm inside diameter, 36 mm inside diameter, 38 mm inside diameter, 40 mm inside diameter, 42 mm inside diameter

156 reviews for Donut Ball Stretcher Weight

  1. Great quality product-it has a nice heft and looks great on too! Had to exchange it and customer service was nice and fast! I will be back for more.

  2. I’ve been wearing a 30 x 36 and a 20 x 36 donut together for years. I rarely take them off – mainly for cleaning or fucking my girl when she wants them off. They are so comfortable and are really an important part of my life. I remember when I first tried the 30 x 36 years ago, I really didn’t know what it would lead to. But the feeling was so erotic and satisfying, it was hard to believe. Guys, if you try ball stretching, you will find it to be addictive. And life changing. Go for it!

  3. Solid, smooth silky finish and heavy. Huge improvement on my “square” edged ring

  4. It was larger and heavier than I expected but that turned out to be a good thing. The quality is excellent and it feels great for short or long-term wearing. My wife loves how it makes my sack swing when we’re having sex. My balls have definitely become Sex Pleasure toys fans.

  5. I’m new to stretching and bought the wrong item there took it back and exchanged for the right one without any questions. I will defiantly buy from them again.

  6. I wear my newest donut in conjunction with others I’ve bought in the past. The combination brings my ball to the halfway point to my knees. I’d love to be able to bring them all the way down to between my knees before I’m finished. Thanks, hangin’ low

  7. got the 30 mm and love it. I just started out stretching, tried a cheaper one that was rough and had uneven closers on it. This one is fantastic, I wear it for days at a time. Cant wait to get my next one

  8. It took me three tries to get the right size, no problems with the returns. Customer service is great with this company. The product is great! The weight is superb. Cant wait to stretch to the next size. Absolutely love this piece!!!

  9. I have two hinged weights and then started with these. Much easier to put in and the weight is an even better tug. I now have the 20, 30, 40 ad most recently the 50mm. I started stretching almost a year ago and now I can wear the 50mm x 40mm for most of the day. I wear more at night and the wife loves the feel of the weights slamming in to her. I love the feeling of all the weight. Slowly trying to work up to 80mm total by year’s end. These are the best quality that I have found (yes, I have tried others in the past and they will never compare to CG)!!!

  10. Wow this 30×30 weight is something else,it feels so good.
    Fast delivery from the states to Aus 7 days can’t wait for the next order

  11. Short and sweet, fast delivery and top quality. Easy return and Exchange for wrong size orders.

  12. Initially difficult to get on. Persistence paid off and I got my nuts to cooperate. First week was initially tight and my balls were fighting back. Week 2 and it fits better and feels fantastic. Weight and and hang are just what I needed. Now thinking of when, not if, I buy the 20 mm second donut.

  13. this is my 3rd one and i think it is great 40×34 feels so good swinging . There service is great i am going to get a 50 x34 soon


  15. I love my 60 X 30 stretcher and- Thank you so much for getting the 70 and even 80 series. I will be ordering one soon. Great products and great service. Thanks, Lance

  16. Absolutely amazing. Very comfortable. Will definitely be buying more.

  17. This is my 3rd ball stretching weight. I ordered the wrong side on the last one. I shipped it back got my credit picked the right size and was shipped very quickly. Very pleased with the chain gang. I will be ordering more soon

  18. The rounded edges of this ball stretcher made it really comfortable. In combination with a heavy 2 piece cock ring it was really exciting!

  19. One is never enough. I find myself ordering more. Tried the oval donut weight, not a fan but who knows… The round donut weights on the other hand, Awesome! Will be ordering more, for stacking or wearing under anything.

  20. Nice and quickly purchase.

  21. I started off with the 20mm stretcher and OMG. Such high quality, so smooth, no sharp edges or grooves to catch onto you. I recently bought a ball stretcher from another company and it was terrible. It had square edges and massive gaps where the 2 pieces meet. So uncomfortable. But this is amazing. If it wasn’t for the amazing swinging sensation you get you wouldn’t know you were wearing it. I have already ordered a 40mm stretcher and cant wait for it to arrive.

  22. Really comfortable to wear all day long for maximum stretch potential!

  23. Love the quality and finish. Returns/exchanges were easy (sizing).

  24. I have now accumulated one 50mmX40mm, four 40mmX40mm, one 30mmX40mm, and two 20mmX40mm WMC weights. I can now comfortably wear 170mm total length and slightly under 7 pounds for extended periods (12 top 24 hours). My goal is to obtain at least 240mm of weights comfortably for long periods. That would be almost 10 inches of stretch at about 10 pounds. GREAT PRODUCT

  25. Ordered 20 X 32. Still trying to get used to it, can’t wear but about 20mins so far… Can’t wait to be able to wear all day!!

  26. Ordered the Donut 40 X 46…Mailman dropped it off at 11:30, had it on by 11:35. The size looked intimidating at first and the weight at 1 lbs 13 oz seemed a bit much but WOW!
    Worked in some coconut oil prior to bolting it on. Fit was snug but not to tight and the weight was incredible. All was going great till I felt a slip (at the grocery store) yep there was escaping going on. Got it at the cuff of my jeans, placed it discreetly into my wife’s purse, then warned her. She was rolling in the isle laughing, that was until she laid eyes on it. Then she understood and had to give it a test drive. She loved the weight hitting her on every thrust.
    Day two went much better…no coating of oil…no issues! Sleeping was also not an issue. Awesome, simply AWESOME!

  27. just try the weights you will love the feel!

  28. Received my 40mmX 32mm a few days ago. Excellent product. I have used it several times. I have found, I am not really ready to upsize from the 30 mm full time yet.
    Still arrived on time, at a great price.

  29. I did a lot of research to learn about ball stretching. I tried some silicon ones and they were OK. Sometimes it felt like a large rubber band that never fit just right. I wanted to learn and that’s how I came to the CG. This product is like they say made in the factory. The finish and fit of the two parts is first class. The weight pulling down on my balls I can’t explain the sensation in words. Words don’t describe the look of that diamond polished ring above my balls. I didn’t have a problem with sizing. I followed the blog and I think I got it right. I had a question about how long is it safe to wear it and CG responded very fast. The shipping was fast and package was discreet. I ordered a 20mm X 34mm. I’m looking forward to the time I can add another.

  30. Great product . Found it to be a little large but with the other two that I ware at the same time it’s fine

  31. Bought 40mm ID x 30mm H to use as a cock ring. Was a little concerned it would be too tight, but it went on OK. Outstanding, literally.

  32. I began the journey with a 20×40
    Next I ordered a30 mm height
    Although I can only wear it 4 to 6 hours at a time, my new 60mm x 40mm is more than awesome. It’s addictive
    Sometimes I can wear it to bed, other times when doing yard work. I am breaking in some stretch jeans to accommodate the warm shiney steel on my Sack so I can go shopping or to the office on casual Friday. Thanks sexpleasuretoys!!!!

  33. I made several attempts to begin stretching years back. The weight that I first purchased was too narrow, did not seal tightly when screwed together and the outer edges were squared and irritated by scrotum. After several attempts I gave up until I saw the “donut”. When I finally got the size right I was in heaven. It is so comfortable that sometimes I forget I’m wearing it. With a 30 x 40 I am well on my way and will be purchasing more as needed. I am totally obsessed and can’t wait to order my next one. The more the merrier.

  34. Have had numerous transactions now over last several months with the great people at the chain gang. Each time nothing less than exemplary service with out exceptions. The products are fun and quality unsurpassed making for remarkable value. Know the latter by comparison to other companies on the net.
    When returning an item,it’s handled with pleasant cooperative attitude and processed quickly.
    The folks responsible for handling the exchanges and shipping new products to me have consistently done so expeditiously;thanks shipping department folks!
    In summation,you will be rewarded buying from the TCG

  35. I love this weight. It fits perfectly and has a beautiful Finnish.
    It was very quick send to me and I received it just in 2 days in the Netherlands.

  36. its good and comfortable. but you must think that is your size

  37. When the 30 x 44 DBSW arrived I was a little intimidated but just WOWED by the beautiful craftsmanship, So there was delightful anticipation of getting it on and screwed down tight. No fear of it falling loose and breaking a tile in the floor or testing the quality of my steel toed Red Wings. Once the threads caught, I knew a most pleasant swing was ahead. My BF Buster realizes that The Boys will be out ahead and he will have to be satisfies to ride in the rumble seat of the roadster.
    A quality addition to anyone’s dressup options, there’s no substitute the top of the line sexpleasure products.

  38. Quick service, Great product. Very comfortable.

  39. Thank you again Maaz and crew,for your outstanding products,excellent customer service,quick delivery,and a price you can’t beat,i had to order another ball stretcher since my last order,I’ve stretched some more making room for one more,i’m up to about 5.50lbs.,feels damn,damn good,the pulling/tugging is out of this world,more stretching on it’s way,again thank you so much.

  40. It arrived quickly and it was of great quality. I ordered 20mm/36mm and unfortunately it kept slipping off. So now I’m waiting for a smaller size 34mm.and hope for a better fit. I wish this site would have video instructions on how to put it on correctly… because it took forever to put it on.

  41. Great product, highest quality. I had to buy smaller size to start but can not wait to get the balls hanging lower. This feels soo good on.

  42. I ordered this ball stretcher weight when I first began my journey into ball stretching.
    I found the donut weights to be more comfortable because of their donut shape curve which rides above your testicles instead of a share edge.

    This was a great introductory ball weight for me personally.

    What I found unwelcoming was the pinching of scrotum skin while trying to put this sucker on around my sack. I would occasionally get skin stuck in between the tightening pieces of steel. OUCH!

  43. I got the 20mm and 30mm. Perfect fit and great weight. Can’t wait to try the 40mm and 50mm. What a rush.

  44. Outstanding quality, very comfortable, easy to put on and take off, and received very fast. Size chart made it easy to choose right size. Definitely seeing results!

  45. je n’est jamais eu un ball strech aussi confortable j’ai le 50mm x 40 mm il ne blesse pas ‘ de la manière qui ait taillé a l’intérieur s’adapte très bien pour les couilles je le porte a la journée , je le recommande . Merci sex pleasure toys

  46. Just love my 60 mm ring. The feeling is incredible and I am having great results with my hang. Please,oh please make a 70 mm series. I would buy it in a minute. Thanks for great products and service.

  47. I have purchased 3 of these now, in different lengths. quality product, hope you consider making additional lengths instead of having to stack them. if you made a 70mm or even 80mm I would be ordering one right now. lol

  48. I ordered the largest inside dia hinged donut and couldn’t get that sucker on and was saddened until I came across these. I ordered the 30×58 and with a little effort, which gets easier every time, I was able to get this one. Loved the feel and the stretch especially when walking around the house naked or sleeping with the legs apart. Love the weight, but crave a much heavier weight – would be awesome if these came with exterior screw holes for hooks to hang even more weights.

  49. Long time pumper and wanted to get some weight stretching going to help.
    I was concerned the largest size wouldn’t fit. Ended up be perfect to keep weight on, and oh soooo comfortable. Cant wait to need another one to stack.

  50. The fit and finish of a Rolls Royce. The high polish makes it easy to clean. The great exchange policy makes it easy to get right.

  51. Out of all the pieces I bought this one is the most comfortable to wear 24/7. I plan on purchasing another one as soon as I stretch to the current size. Most likely a 55mm x 38 mm.

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