Leather Ball Stretcher Weight


The Leather Ball Stretcher Weight is a comfortable stretching device made for the best results. It is made of soft leather and it comes with small BB style weights that will not only help with stretching but will also provide a good massage!

SKU: SPT-024

The Leather Ball Stretcher Weight combines comfort and effective results. The stretcher is made of comfortable leather so it is easy to wear and it will not irritate your skin. The weights are listed below.
These stretchers contains small BB style weights that will provide excellent results. They are also great for some deep testicle massage.
The stretcher has special snaps you can use to adjust the pressure and the diameter. Depending on the snap you use, the inside diameter is about 1″ to 1-34″. The ends just snap together easily to secure the whole piece.
This is a great stretcher for those who wish to achieve the best results with maximum comfort!

Leather ball Stretcher Approximate weights
35 mm = 7 ounces
55 mm = 13 ounces
80 mm = 20 ounces
105 mm = 25 ounces


35 mm Tall, 55 mm Tall, 80 mm Tall, 105 mm Tall

17 reviews for Leather Ball Stretcher Weight

  1. I bought the 105mm/25oz stretcher and it fits great and it’s also super comfortable and can be worn for long periods. Most importantly, it gives a great, comfortable stretch on my sack.

  2. I have used carols tips over the years have donut weights from chain gang and al large bullet weight great to wear for short periods. But these lather ball weights I can’t believe how great they feel they have been on for hours so soft a feeling and the weight is there but like wearing nothing . Two thumbs up chian gang for the great quality in your products and great service.

  3. I bought both the single and the double. The leather is so soft, and the weights feel awesome tugging my sack down!

  4. I bought the 55 mm & the quality is great; very supple leather. I’m still working at getting it to fit properly but that’s probably me. The small BB style weights are great but I do find it tricky to get it to wrap around my balls. For my size, the 1st snap is much too loose. Getting it to the 2nd snap is still a challenge I have to figure out. I’ve been able to wear it on that 2nd snap closure, but I’ll need to go to the 3rd. & I haven’t figured out how. Even closing to the smallest size while not wearing it seems quite awkward. I’m very happy it doesn’t have velcro! If you’ve ever had a velcro version, you’ll know how NOT fun it is to get that sharp unbending closure scrape across your balls.
    My suggestion is to have a couple of strong elastic-type snap-closures fixed to the outside. Once closed, you could fasten them around the outside to give the required OR desired amount of added pressure to the fit.
    I don’t regret buying it at all & with practice I’m sure it’ll be among my favorites.

  5. I received the two smaller ones because I am new to stretching. After a week I am wearing both of them without a problem. Getting ready to order the two larger ones. Love the feel of them on my balls.

  6. I just recieved my 105mm (4 inch) stretcher and put it on. I knew it would be a little to long since I was wearing a 3 inch stretcher.I just button the bottom row snap on the 1st snap and the others on the 2nd or 3rd. I wanted the extra wieght and it worked out get. I really like the way it feels pulling on my scrotum. I wear it at home around the house during the day. 5 Stars

  7. Shipped fast, very comfortable, quality product, made very durable. Nice product to wear after heavy weights to maintain hang. Highly recommended. Awesome results!

  8. Although metal ball stretchers are my favorite (due to the weight), I really like the leather weighted stretchers as they are much easier to get on and quick to secure. I have three of the sizes and use one of them daily.

  9. A little cumbersome to get on the first couple times but gets easiser. What a great feel the weight and stretch give. Keeps me half hard all the time. And coming with it on is more than erotic!! Can’t wait to go to the next level with more stretch and weight.

  10. Quite hard to put it on initially. Took me sometimes to get used to it. Feels comfortable after putting it on.

  11. A little bit tough to get on fist time but gets easier every time you put it on. Very comfortable to wear I’m glad I went with the leather over the steel for my first purchase. Great product

  12. Delivery of order was very fast. Item is very well made. Also very comfortable to wear compared to metal ball weights. The snaps make it very convenient to remove when I’ve had enough! Much easier than carrying a hex tool with you. As a beginner I highly recommend this item. I ordered both the single and double so I could graduate from one to another and eventually use both together…. If I get that far! So far loving the feel and wearing it all day other than in the shower.

  13. I can wear this all day and feel the weight on my balls. Soft and a pleasure to wear.

  14. I agree a little work to get on first couple times but after that great feeling and comfortable

  15. Difficult to put on first few times, comfortable to wear for extended period. My only gripe is: the moist environment caused backside of snaps to corrode, resolved by placing tape over them

  16. good product like the weight and pull.

  17. The leather is glove soft.

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