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Get your Magnetic Ball Stretcher Weights and start the amazing journey of ball stretching today, or even if you are an expert you will love this new style and all it has to offer, from being the easiest on the market to use to the beautiful mirror like finish this piece will have you enthralled!

SKU: SPT-1565

They have arrived the Magnetic Ball Stretcher Weights, a new twist on an old favorite! These weights look and feel amazing, and are available in a variety of sizes (listed below) so you can find the perfect fit. Simply remove the smaller piece by pulling the pieces apart, position the larger section around your sac above your balls, and gently insert the smaller piece into the opening being careful not to pinch any skin in the process, it will automatically snap together once you get it close enough.

Whether you are wearing it alone or stacking the weights, you’ll love the feel and the tugging sensation! And the easy to manage, no hassle style makes it even better! With no tools like screws or allen wrenches to keep up with you will be able to enjoy it that much more with no worries of losing parts.

14mm Tall x 35mm internal diameter (Weight approx. 216 Grams)
14mm Tall x 40mm internal diameter (Weight approx. 185 Grams)
20mm Tall x 35mm internal diameter (Weight approx. 309 Grams)
20mm Tall x 40mm internal diameter (Weight approx. 256 Grams)
28mm Tall x 35mm internal diameter (Weight approx. 413 Grams)
28mm Tall x 40mm internal diameter (Weight approx. 379 Grams)
42mm Tall x 35mm internal diameter (Weight approx. 654 Grams)
42mm Tall x 40mm internal diameter (Weight approx. 556 Grams)
56mm Tall x 35mm internal diameter (Weight approx. 881 Grams)
56mm Tall x 40mm internal diameter (Weight approx. 747 Grams)

Side Height

14 mm, 20 mm, 28 mm, 35 mm, 42 mm, 56 mm, 65 mm

Inside Diameter

28 mm, 30 mm, 32 mm, 35 mm, 38 mm, 40 mm

24 reviews for Magnetic Ball Stretcher Weight

  1. I’m new to weighted stretchers, but I find this one to be both convenient to put on and stimulating to wear. I can’t directly compare this magnetic version to ones with screws and wrenches (since I haven’t tried the latter), but it only takes a moment to put on this ring, as long as it’s the right diameter. Just press your sack firmly toward the back of the ring and slide the closing section into place. I haven’t pinched myself yet. Of course, it helps to use some lube. I like silicone for this toy. (It must be tricky to handle screws and wrenches with fingers slick with lube.) I like the initial coolness of the metal. To maintain that cool, I plan to try applying a cold pack to it from time to time.

  2. Fun & easy to use, what more can I say 🙂

  3. Two inches of masking tape will keep those magnets in for all but the most violent maneuvers. Now it can be safely worn without thev fear that that irreplaceable magnet will be lost.

  4. I bought two of the magnetic stretchers. The first one is a little to small. The second one is perfect. I like the way it snaps together and holds on great. The pull feels fantastic.

  5. I would give this device a 10 star rating if it were available. This ball stretcher is really easy to put on and take off, comfortable to wear, and so far no pinching. I have others that require a wrench for which you need another hand and invariably I would end up getting pinched. My only regret is that maybe I should have gone for the next taller size, but that might have been pushing it.

  6. Had to mow the yard and figured why not enjoy the mower ride. Started with plenty of cocoa butter on the twins. Added a solid ring of 174grams, 6 1/8 OZ and the round 439gram, 15 1/2 OZ two piece weight. So had a total weight of 613grams, 21.63OZ (1.36LBS) of swinging pleasure hanging off the boys. It was about 90 degrees that day and after 1/2 hour of the jewels hanging off the front of the black seat I stopped to grab a drink. The guys were slapping back and forth against my shaved thighs as I walked to the house. I keep everything shaved smooth down there to keep from catching hairs. Had about another hour of mowing to finish so decided to add a 323gram, 11 3/8OZ magnetic weight. That brought the total to 936grams or 2.07LBS, WHAT A FEELING. Had to just order another 2 piece 35MMIDx28MM tall unit to add some more weight. Stock up on the cocoa butter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I have an array of metal weights, but this one is my “go to.” While bolt-on weights assure security, the magnetic weights are perfectly secure for for me. And you gotta love the ease of putting on. I’m going to get another to stack on it.

  8. Overall, this is a wonderful product. It will not be the last ball stretcher weight that I purchase.

  9. I can’t add much to the other reviews. Like they say it is easy to put on and take off and stays together.

  10. I can’t add much to the other reviews. Like they say it is easy to put on and take off and stays together.

  11. I love this! It fits well and is easy on and off. It has never fallen off and the magnet is secure. Love the tug!

  12. Fast shipping of a quality product. Really enjoying the stretch! The measurement instructions were right on target.

  13. Good fit, added sensation!!

  14. Excellent and super easy to use! I would buy this item again. I own the 2 piece version with screw and not easy to put on and remove. This magnetic version is the best!

  15. the best quality. Beautiful!!! Thanks!!!)))

  16. If I had to use an allen wrench ball stretcher, I probably wouldn’t. So this works for me. The closing fitting on the 14mm ball weight does pop off if you don’t rotate it sideways a quarter turn away from your penis. The 28mm models stays on just fine. I wish this magnetic model came in oval. My ball sack is more left to right than circular.

  17. With a bit of lube the magnetic opening can be rotated to the 4 to 7 o’clock position which avoids a lot of popping loose and pinchig too. “12 o’clock High” is fraut with peril.

  18. This magnetic ball stretcher is perfect for quick removal (you never know what can happen during the day). It fits perfectly above my other 30mm magnetic stretcher (other brand).
    It has a good price for the quality.

  19. When my order arrived I was struck by the beautiful craftsmanship but intimidated by the size. “Would I ever be ab;e to get it on? Maybe this 40mm is a Bridge Too Far.” Anyhow I gathered up the Boys last night and LOW and BEHOLD, things slipped together with a minimum of pinching. LOW is specially nice as Swing Low Sweet Chariot is today’s theme song. But for every good, Newton knew that and Equal Opposite Forces are true.
    Suddenly all my nice tight underwear is out and I’m pulling out all those loose boxers.
    I’m shopping for a Kilt. Cross Dressing is an option. My Boys want to Swing Free.

  20. It has some weight to it. Simple to put on. You can feel the tug. Glad I got this one first and don’t have to fuss with screws.

  21. East on but easy off if one is too active, but a delightful pull and swing. A lovely feel and look. Always nice to have something bolted on for your active time but for the calmer moments this is lovely.

  22. As a first timer, I purchased many ball stretchers from this site, then returned them due to the difficulty in using them. I finally found one that works. Putting in this one on is so much easier. The only thing I would recommend is that they change this product to have a stronger magnet. Other than that, I would recommend this stretcher.

  23. Works great, so much easier to put on and take off then the ones that need the wrench,

  24. Although the quality of this item is high, I am very disappointed with its usefulness (or lack thereof). The magnets are too weak to keep this weighted ball stretcher in place, and the opening (the space when the small piece is removed) is way too small to make putting this on anything but a real chore. If the opening were larger (and therefore, the removable piece were larger) this would be a much better product.

    Service was relatively quick.

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