EZ Ring Tension Bands


EZ Rings by Vitality Medico are Tension Bands used by men for erectile dysfunction. Also known as the EZ ErecAid Penis Ring, the EZ Ring is designed to reduce scrotal tissue and pubic hair from being drawn into the Penis Pump Cylinder.

The EZ Tension Ring has a unique and patented design which allows it to easily fit directly onto the end of the cylinder like a lid. This creates a firm seal with the cylinder and with penile tissue which facilitates the vacuum process. This design also ensures that the scrotal tissue is not drawn into the cylinder when pumping. These advantages give many patients a more comfortable tension ring fit and more tension to assist in maintaining penile rigidity. Once an erection has been created, the ring is slipped off the end of the cylinder and remains at the base of the erect penis minimizing the ring transfer process. EZ Tension Rings are intended for use with Esteem and Classic cylinders and Vacuum Therapy Systems.

EZ TENSION RING - Instructions for Use

Step 1 – Remove the gray insert from the end of the cylinder provided with your Vacuum Therapy System and place the EZ Tension Ring on end of the cylinder like a cap or a lid, as shown below.
Note: DO NOT USE Ring Loader with EZ Tension Rings
Step 2 – Apply lubricant to the surface around the center of the opening of the EZ Tension Ring as well as to the entire head of the penis.
Step 3 – Place the head of the penis against the opening of the EZ Tension Ring, making certain that the Urethral Notch is on the bottom and the Removal Grips are on the sides.
Step 4 – Operate the vacuum pump by squeezing the handle or pressing the power button on the pump handle. This will remove air from the cylinder and also draw the penis into the cylinder.
Allow the penis to be drawn through the opening in the EZ Tension Ring into the cylinder until the Ring is positioned near the base of the penis.
Step 5 – Pump slowly for several seconds. Slow down or stop if you feel discomfort. Pause to let the blood flow into your penis. Continue pumping until your penis becomes erect and lifts off the
cylinder floor and is firm enough for intercourse.
Step 6 – Press the green vacuum release button and pull the EZ Tension Ring off the cylinder, so that the Ring remains positioned at the base of your penis.
CAUTION: Do not leave the Tension Ring on for longer than 30 minutes. Allow 60 minutes between uses.
Step 7 – Remove the EZ Tension Ring after sexual activity by pulling the Removal Grips outward, away from the penis. Hold the grips in this position until the penis loses some firmness. Then
slowly pull the ring forward and off your penis. Additional lubricant may be needed to aid in removal.
Step 8 – Wash EZ Tension Ring with warm soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly for storage until next use.

Available Sizes:

EZ Ring # 4 with an inside diameter of (16mm)
EZ Ring # 5 with an inside diamert  of (17mm)
EZ Ring # 6 with an inside diameter of (18mm)
EZ Ring # 7 with an inside diameter of (19mm)

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